TalkCheap's Extreme Cheap Rates

Fixed Line:
Only: pence per minute*
Only: pence per minute*

*Plus your phone provider's access charge.


Why use TalkCheap?

Cheapest calls to Guam from UK

Ever thought you could save hundreds of Pounds each year on your international calls to Guam? With TalkCheap you can! Without any registration or credit card needed, it's simply Pay-as-you-go so you can start now saving!

All you need to do is dial TalkCheap's access number in front of the number you wish to dial. By doing this you let your current provider know you dont want to use their expensive rates to call to Guam but like to make cheap calls to Guam with TalkCheap!

How to call landline numbers in Guam with TalkCheap

  1. 1. Dial 0844 755 0862 (2 p/min plus your phone provider's access charge).
  2. 2. Wait for connection.
  3. 3. Enter the full international number in Guam with country code (001671...).
  4. 4. Complete by pressing the hash sign (#).

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